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Zeks refrigerant air dryer

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  • Dryer Type : Refrigerated Dryers
  • Make : Zeks
  • Model : 250HSGA400
  • Condition : used
  • Ships From : Salt Lake City, Utah

1 Manufacturer: ZEKS
2 Date: 12/20/05
3 Model Number: 250HSGA400
4 Cycling/Non-Cycling: Cycling
5 Refrigerant Type: R-404A
-Tested Flow a 250 scfm b
-Outlet Pressure Dewpoint 39 degrees F
-Pressure Drop 2.9 psi(d)
-Total Dryer Input Power 2.0 kW
-Specific Package Power c .80 kW/100 scfm
10% FLOW
-25 scfm b
-39 degrees F
-0.1 psi(d)
-.34 kW
-1.36 kW/100 scfm
a. Dryer ratings at the following inlet conditions to the dryer (as per adopted CAGI Standard ADF 100):
• Inlet Compressed Air Temperature: 100oF (37.78oC)
• Inlet Compressed Air Pressure: 100 psig (6.9 Bar)
• Max. Ambient Air Temperature: 100oF (37.78oC)
• Inlet Compressed Air Relative Humidity 100% (Saturated)
b. SCFM defined as the volume of free air in cubic feet per minute measured at 14.5 psia (1.0 Bar), 68oF (20oC)
temperature and 0% R.H. (0 WVP).
c. (Total Dryer Input Power/tested flow) x 100

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